Colour Scales for guitar

- 27 of the most used scales, includes  13 of the most used jazz scales
- Unique colour coded.
- It was never before so clear how to play a scale
- Includes the Circle of fifths
- Includes scale notation

Colour Chords for guitar

- For the creative guitar player who's tired of using the same chords over and over again.
- All chords of a key on one screen
- Unique through the use of (the rainbow) colours for the intervals of the chords
- Find all the chords you want
- 3,4,5 and 6 voices
- Build your own chords and choose the string for the interval
- Play them
- Includes the Circle of 5ths

Magic Circle of 5ths

- Unique colour coded circle of fifths
- Each interval has his own colour
- Find the accidentals for the scales in   the blink of an eye
- Notation
- Easily find 27 of the most used scales and modes
- Includes 13 of the most used jazz scales

Flash Chords

- An easy way to memorize the shapes of the guitar chords.
- From easy majors to complicated jazz chords